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Pilot's Watches and Lt Ed. Quadrant

1939 Pilots Watch   



Newport 2-tone Watch    Newport Blue Watch  



    Coronado Watch   











ETA 2824-2 Movement


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Thank you for your interest in Thomas Gref watches.  Although there are many watch brands currently available, I've always thought that there is room for a uniquely-styled and affordable line of mechanical watches.  My view of the current market is that most all affordable watches have uninteresting and generic styling.  If you want something unique, it usually costs thousands of dollars.  My feeling is that good design shouldn't cost that much more, though I realize that a well thought-out design takes more time (and therefore money) than a me-too design. 

In addition to the design/price issues, from my experience as a watchmaker, I realized that many of the famous brands are using movements by the same manufacturer (ETA).  Omega, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Cartier, and many other famous brands use movements made by ETA (you can confirm this for yourself by getting one of the Wristwatch Annual books by Peter Braun, or one of the other similar books at your local bookstore or Amazon).  I realized that I could use movements by the same manufacturer and therefore offer similar quality and reliability as the 'big' brands.  

Most of my watches use an ETA 2824-2 Swiss-made automatic movement, which features 25 jewels, 28,800 BPH, hack set, and quickset date.  I get one of the best grades of this movement, which has a rhodium finish (as opposed to nickel which isn't as durable).  These movements are highly decorated with perlage on the main plates, and geneva stripes on the rotor.  Also, the design of the movement is nicely evolved, as versions of this movement has been in production for about 30 years, so it is definitely tried-and-true.  Furthermore, repair parts are readily available.  To learn more about this movement, click here to see the 'Movement' page.

All Thomas Gref watches are my own design and are made in Switzerland.  I then individually inspect and adjust each watch as needed.


Because many people are interested in how watches are designed and produced, I wrote the following article which describes how I created the Oceanic dive watch.  Follow the link below to read this article.

Article:  How to Design and Build a Custom Watch

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